Saturday, December 10, 2011

baby it's cold outside (part one)

Here in D.C. it is starting to get super chilly! And with that cold weather, comes the dreaded dry skin and hair :-(. But have no fear, we beauty girls are here to help combat dryness!

So for the hair:
In the winter you want to be sure that you don't dry your hair out, and unfortunately using too much heat on your hair is the quickest way to do so. It's really best to let your hair air-dry,  but what you're going to want to do is tame your hair while it's still wet- before it has time to get unmanageable and frizzy.

Using a leave-in conditioner will begin the process. Product weighs down your hair, so adding a leave-in conditioner will begin a straightening process to your hair and keep it from frizzing. Any type of leave-in conditioner should do the trick! Then, to give my hair an amazingly silky texture, I'm a huge fan of Chi Silk Infusion. I like to add the Chi Silk Infusion to my hair while it's damp to lock in its nice texture at this phase.

Then, while it's just about dry, I add my favorite
phytodéfrisant botanical hair relaxing balm. Now this stuff is LITERALLY the bomb. My hair is naturally a little wavy and when I apply this stuff to my hair, it looks like my hair has been straightened!! IT'S AMAZING. So I just brush that through my hair. If my hair is feeling a little drier than usual I add my phyto 7 daily hydrating botanical cream. It adds much needed moisture and makes my hair much softer and healthier looking. Then for shine I reach for either my Moroccan Oil Gold Shimmer Shine Spray or Ojon Shine and Protect Glossing Mist. Can't pick a favorite- they both make my hair so so so shiny! Unfortunately though, I think Ojon discontinued their glossing mist (*cries*). Love both of those products so much.

And that should do it. Good luck bearing the cold- at least now your hair will!

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