Saturday, December 10, 2011

Party Polish!

     So when I was last at Sephora, I came across this collection of nail polish I hadn't heard of called Nails Inc. London.  They had out some of their Special Effects nail polishes so i decided to grab two of the 3D glitter polishes. 
"Sloane Square"

"Connaught Square"

Both of these colors to me just scream party, now when I say party I mean high school, college, concert or club type party, not for fancy events or cocktail party type events.  Both of these colors need layers, for Connaught Square, I just applied two or three coats.  However for Sloane Square I had to use a silvery base coat (OPI's Lucerne-Tainly look marvelous) for it to take full effect.  Both polishes have lots of sparkles in them, which need cannot go without a topcoat because they dry kind of rough.  If I were to recommend one of these to you guys I would definitely say  Connaught Square the purple sparkles make the nail polish exciting and fun. 

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