Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chanel Polish

   Since I first saw that Chanel had a nail polish line out I have been dying to get some of them, and couple weeks ago at Bloomingdales I finally gave into my indulgences and finally bought two.  Which I am absolutely in love with.  Though they are pricey ($25 a piece) these two colors at least were worth it.  What I like about them is that they are not colors you see in every other brand.  I think Chanel did a good job coming up with a line with an element exclusive uniqueness that other brands will have a hard time competing with.  

  I literally started smiling as I started to write about Peridot.  Since I bought this color I have been in love with it since before I even tried it on my nails.  What drew me into this color was the fact that I couldn't really tell what color it is.  This color is literally magical, when I first applied it (two coats) I was like oh its green-tinted gold, but then when i looked at my nails form a different they were blue.  So when you hold your hands at different angles the color changes because it reflects the lights in different ways.  I highly reccomend this color, I think it might limited edition so go grab it fast!!! I'm definitley going to get a second one because this color has already become one of my favorite new polishes.

"Black Pearl"

      First and foremost let me make it clear that the name of this polish might be a little misleading, just incase the picture doesn't convince you, this polish is not black.  Another example of Chanel producing a unique color worth the price.  This color comes out a deep grey metallic color with a blue tint.  This polish only needs two coats for a saturated look and dries almost like a matte polish.  I would definitely recommend this polish to anyone looking for a new winter shade, or dark shade in general. 

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