Monday, November 28, 2011

Got a Pimple? No Problem!

Nothing can ruin your day quite like a pimple can. So, as a teenage girl, I have searched long and hard for the perfect quick pimple fix. It seems that I have tried everything- from the classic homemade remedy, applying a dab of toothpaste, to more legitimate ointments, such as Azelex. But nothing ever did the trick. Until now

One dab of Kate Sommerville EradiKate Acne Treatment and my pimple completely disappeared!  I have been a long time fan of her skin care products, particularly her Daily Gentle Wash. And she has yet to let me down.

I applied a dot on each of my pimples before I went to bed. I must admit that it stung a little at first application, but that just meant it was working! I actually felt the pimples drying up. When I woke up the next morning all of my pimples were completely gone! By far the best disappearing act I've ever seen. This product is now my holy grail! 

The only downside to her wonderful product is the price. This remedy is pretty expensive. But most definitely worth it! Just be sure not to mix the ointment with the sanitizer- they deactivate each other.

Some of my other Kate Sommerville products?
-Daily Gentle Wash: smells sooo good with hints of lavendar, makes my face feel oh so clean!
-ExfoliKate Gentle Exfoliating Treatment: I originally was a fan of the original ExfoliKate, which completely cleaned up my skin and was a great weekly exfoliator, but it's pretty harsh. the gentle exfoliating treatment is much gentler on the skin and won't dry you out during the winter!
-Purify Clarifying Cleanser: leaves my face feeling sooo clean. perfect for the morning because the minty scent completely wakes you up and makes your face tingle!

Hope that helps!

disclaimer: All of the thoughts and opinions are completely my own... I bought all of the products myself- but if Kate Sommerville did want to endorse us that would be amazinggg hahahaha. ;-) 

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