Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Going Out

So the best part of my week is always when I'm going out. But it's not why you may think.
I love going out because it means I FINALLY get to get all prettied up! It's the best. Getting ready is usually even more fun than going out itself- is that sad?

So here is my usual going-out beauty routine!
I don't really love how foundation feels on my face so if I need to brighten up my face or just a little bit of coverage, I turn to my fave Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Nude. It rocks- kinda makes my face glow! Then I put on the awesome high beam as a highlighter- except recently I've been OBSESSED with my Bobby Brown Shimmer Brick- it's SO GORGEOUS!! I actually use that as both a highlight and for eye shadow. It's the (and our girl Jackie actually gave it to me as a bday gift- SHES THE BEST). Then I contour a bit with my Bobby Brown Bronzer. And I lovee my Benefit Sugarbomb blush. So cute.

Now for the eyes:

So I usually line my upper lash line with my chanel eye kohl in either black or this really pretty midnight sparkly blue! Then for mascara I lovee my stila mascara except I probably should get rid of it as it's getting old and dry :(. And to keep my eyebrows in place I use quick brow! So easy. and then time for my favorite product in the world: Too Faced Natural Eye palette (but only after I prime my eyes with Urban Decay Primer potion of course!!). I don't use any of the set looks- I usually just mix and match with whatever colors I'm feeling. I LOVEEE honey pot- it's definitely my favorite. and silk teddy is really bright and goes on really nicely. If I could only have one eye shadow palette for my entire life, it would definitely be this. And that's about it!
xo, Samantha

question: what is your going out routine?

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  1. the too faced natural eye palette is definitely on my christmas list this year :)

    love your blog!