Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Haul!!!

So I during the break my aunt asked me to take my cousin to sephora to get her some makeup for Bar/Batmivahs, so of course while I was there I had to pick up a couple things for myself........

The Products!
 MAC: Carbon Eyeshadow
 I had been hearing about this product for a while, and I love lining my upper lid whenever i wear eyeshadow.  I wanted to get a eyeshadow specifically for lining my eye's so i thought Carbon would be the perfect shade.(P.S. this was not purchased at Sephora)

Urban Decay: Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer Potion
 I knew going into Sephora that i wanted a new face primer,  because for me, my Laura Mercier oil free face primer made me breakout.  So what really closed the deal with me on the Urban Decay Primer was the fact that it was "Pore Perfecting".

smashbox: Radiance
 I honestly had no need for more blush, or purposely intended in getting a new blush.  Seeing as that i am a blush addict I saw how gorgeous this color looked and just simply had to buy it.  It is bright so you will need to use it in moderation and maybe spend an extra minute blending it.

Benefit: Dandelion(blush) & That Gal "Brightening Face Primer"
 So I got these two products for free because I used my points to get a 500 perk gift.  I was super excited because it came with a blush, and that day in the tore i had been deciding between buying Benefits "That Gal" face primer, and the Urban Decay "Pore Perfecting" face primer.  So getting it with my points was like getting the best of both worlds!

Urban Decay: "Revolver"(silver) "Sabbath"(blue) "Eldorado"
I wanted some more variety in my eyeliner collection so I headed over to the Urban Decay section to check some things out.  The first two things I got were Urban Decays 24/7 water proof liquid eyeliners.  I had been deciding between whether or not to get the silver liner, and the gold liquid liner so i decided to get the gold (Eldorado) in pencil form.

 Fresh: Soy Face Cleanser
So since winter is starting it's time for me to switch facial cleansers.  I need a new facial cleanser because of how dry and cold the air is, which for me means needing a more gentle hydrating facial cleanser.  So I would normally turn to my bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash but I wanted to try something new.  So while standing in line viewing the to go size products I picked up this face wash.
xoxo Jbush

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